SpaceX expands Starlink sales to Target and launches $1 trial offer

SpaceX continues to broaden its retail presence with its latest move to introduce Starlink satellite internet kits to Target. At the same time, the company has launched a new promotion aimed at attracting a wider customer base.

As of late April 2024, Target has started offering the new V4 Starlink dish on its website for US$599, which is the standard retail price set by SpaceX. This isn’t the first time Starlink has been made available through a major retailer, as SpaceX also added their Starlink kits to Best Buy, Home Depot, and Costco in Canada and the US.

Unlike some in-store offerings at the other retailers, Target plans to sell the V4 dish exclusively online, which allows them to offer perks like free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

Credit: Target

The introduction of Starlink at Target is accompanied by a new promotional campaign from SpaceX. In an effort to make its service more accessible and reduce initial financial barriers, SpaceX has launched a “$1 for 30 days” trial offer.

This offer allows new subscribers to test the Starlink service by paying just US$1 upfront for the hardware, with the full fee of US$599 deferred until 30 days after activation. This trial is limited to the United States and not available in Canada, but is available in other markets like Australia and New Zealand. (via PCMag)

Starlink currently has over 2.6 million subscribers around the world as of March 2024. The most recent 600,000 new subscribers were added in just five months, indicating a rate of about 120,000 new subscribers every month.

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