Starlink hits over 2.6 million subscribers, adding 600K in just five months

The rate at which customers are signing up for Starlink satellite internet service has not slowed down, with 600,000 new subscribers added in the last five months alone.

According to a report shared by SpaceX this week, highlighting how the company has been able to reduce latency on its network, there are now over 2.6 million Starlink subscribers around the world.

“Thank you to our 2.6M+ customers for choosing Starlink. You can expect latency to continue to improve over the coming weeks and months as we prioritize software changes, build additional ground infrastructure, and launch more satellites,” SpaceX said.

This latest update from SpaceX on the number of Starlink subscribers show the satellite internet service is still able to draw customers at a rapid rate.

Before this update, the most recent update from SpaceX came last December, when at that time the company announced it had surpassed 2.3 million subscribers in more than 70 countries around the world.

That update was preceded by another in September 2023, when the company said it had 2 million subscribers worldwide.

When you take in all of the other subscriber milestones SpaceX has announced since the service launched in 2021, the growth has been strong, and if the pace continues as it has over the last two years, Starlink should easily have over 3 million subscribers by this summer.

Credit: Drive Tesla
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