SpaceX discounts Starlink kits at Home Depot and Best Buy

SpaceX has been offering discounts on its Starlink hardware over the last few months in certain regions around the world, including Canada. However none of those discounts have been for customers in the US, but that has now changed as the company has lowered the price of Starlink kits sold through Home Depot and Best Buy.

As we have reported over the last month, SpaceX has expanded beyond its own online store to offer customers in the US the opportunity to purchase their Starlink hardware from the two retail stores. Those kits were being sold for $599, the same price as if they were purchased directly from SpaceX, but with the convenience of being able to pick it up from your local store if you wanted.

Now both Home Depot and Best Buy are selling them for $499, 17% off their regular retail price, as of the updated product listings published on Thursday. The discount only applies to the Standard Kit, as there is no discount appearing for the High Performance Kit which retails for $2,499. Both stores have a 2 per customer limit.

There is no date listed for when the discount will end but according to PCMag, which first spotted the discounts, they will likely last through the weekend as part of the Memorial Day sales going on in the US right now.

As for Canadians, there is a still a massive discount on Starlink hardware, which now costs only $199, but only if you live in what SpaceX deems to be a rural area. However we have reviewed the website with several addresses across the country and their definition of rural does not appear to be as strict as you might think.

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