SpaceX expands Starlink sales to Costco in Canada, US, and UK

SpaceX has opened up sales of its Starlink satellite internet kits to Costco in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The offerings are slightly different in each country, and come several months after the company started selling Starlink kits at Costco in Japan, the first time it had launched sales in a brick and mortar store.

Starlink at Costco Canada

In Canada customers can purchase Starlink kits in store, but not online. The kits were first spotted by our reader @IBatrinac in Quebec, where they are selling the Starlink Standard Kit for $499.99, the same price as when you purchase directly from This is however a promotional offer and the Starlink kit will return to its regular price of $759 on January 1, 2024 both in store and online.

After sharing the news on X (formerly Twitter), another one of our readers (@EV3_Model3) shared with us that they also saw the Starlink kits at a Costco store in Toronto (Downsview), where we learned the purchase also include a 2 month service credit. According to Starlink’s website, that is worth $280 ($140/month).

Starlink at Costco US

Unlike Canada, customers in the US can only purchase Starlink online. According to the Costco website the only option is the much more expensive Flat High Performance Kit for US$2,499.99. Again this is the same price as buying direct, but it does also include a 2 month service credit, which with this antenna works out for a $500 value. If anyone spots Starlink for sale in a Costco store in the US, please let us know.

Starlink at Costco UK

SpaceX is also offering Starlink kits at Costco stores in the UK. According to photos shared on X by @randomnewsspace, the Standard Kit is being sold for £369.99 (C$630), which also includes a 2-month service credit.

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