Elon Musk’s SpaceX buys ads to test effectiveness of Twitter advertising

Elon Musk has recently taken over control of Twitter and has already made some sweeping changes. He has now announced that another of his companies, SpaceX, has purchased ad spots on the social media platform.

The ad will promote Starlink’s internet offering in Australia and Spain.

The ad campaign cost $250,000 and would last a day. It will appear at the top of the main Twitter timeline the first three times users open the app.

While Musk would welcome more people to know about Starlink, he explained the ads served another purpose. They were to “test the effectiveness of Twitter advertising in Australia & Spain.”

To compare the effectiveness, Musk said SpaceX also purchased ads on competing social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, as well as on Google.

The ad purchase comes just a few days after Musk said Twitter has seen a “massive” drop in ad revenue.

A major reason for the drop in revenue is the result of what Musk called an attack on the First Amendment right to free speech as the biggest spenders paused their ads after his acquisition of the company, which Musk said was at the request of activist groups.

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