Second Petro-Canada EV charger opens on Vancouver Island, marking a complete east-west connection in Canada

Petro-Canada’s expansion of their “electric highway” continues, as the second EV charger has now opened on Vancouver Island, and with it Petro-Canada’s electric highway can now officially take you from the east to the west coast.

Located along the Patricia Bay Highway (Hwy 17) next to Elk Lake, just north of Victoria, this Petro-Canada fast charger has two DC fast charging stalls providing up to a 200Kw charge. That is enough to provide most EVs with an 80% charge in 30 minutes. The official media opening will occur later today, but it is already open and free to charge.

For Tesla owners, you will have to use your CHAdeMO adapter, as Petro-Canada’s fast chargers offer only CCS or CHAdeMO options. PlugShare user Mulligan posted the photo above of his Model 3 charging with a CHAdeMo adapter last night.

Just last month, the first Petro-Canada fast charger opened in Nanaimo, some 117km away from this Victoria location.

In just one year Petro-Canada has been able to build a cross-country charging network, an impressive feat that shows what can be done when the will is there.

Petro Canada charger map Vancouver Island

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