New Model S/X orders in North America see delivery wait times extend to March 2023

Tesla has made a change to its website tonight to update the estimated delivery wait times for the Model S and Model X, and it is not good news if you were planning on placing an order soon.

According to the Design Studio, new orders of what used to be the Long Range (LR) variants of both vehicles, now just called Model S/X, are not expected to be delivered until March 2023.

If you are counting, that is a staggering 16 month lead time.

The long wait is for orders in both Canada and the US, but only for when the standard wheels and paint colours are selected.

Going with upgraded wheels or paint improves delivery times slightly, but only to November 2022, still a full year away.

The Plaid variants of both vehicles have shorter wait times, but are vastly different between the two.

New orders for the Model S Plaid should arrive in December, while the Model X Plaid has estimated delivery dates of August 2022.

This is by far the longest delivery wait time for any Tesla vehicle we have seen in North America. The Model 3 and Model Y are not far behind though, with recent estimates indicating waits of 11 months to October 2022.

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