City of Saskatoon adding four electric vehicles to its fleet as part of pilot project

Saskatoon EV

The City of Saskatoon has launched a new pilot project to test the feasibility of using electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their municipal fleet.

Supporting the City’s Low Emissions Community Plan, four Chevy Bolts will be leased and used by Saskatoon Light & Power, Facilities Management and Parking Enforcement.

The EVs and charging stations will be studied to identify efficiencies as well as determine their ability to meet service standards and lifecycle costs. The city is expecting that despite the higher upfront cost, the lower fuel and maintenance costs will realize savings, both financially and environmentally.

“Electric vehicles are new, but with changes to our climate and legislation, they are expected to become the new normal” explains Goran Saric, Director of Roadways, Fleet & Support. “By piloting these vehicles now, we can properly prepare for the infrastructure they require, as well as benefit from their lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower maintenance costs and cleaner energy source.”

Saskatoon is estimating that it will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 4 to 6 metric tonnes of CO2e every year. That equates to 4,400lbs of coal burned, or the need for 66 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

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This pilot project joins another currently being run by the city. They are currently testing an electric bus for one year to determine the feasibility of electric buses in the province.

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