Tesla Model Y driver and passenger survive extreme collision with semi

Detroit accident 2

A Tesla Model Y was involved in a serious accident this morning in Detroit that saw the electric SUV become wedged underneath a semi truck.

According to local police, the accident occurred at about 3:20am this morning in the area of Waterman and Fort Streets. It was at that time when the white Model Y drove through the intersection, colliding with a semi truck.

The force of the collision pushed the Tesla completely underneath the semi with the nose sticking out the other end. Based on images from the scene the semi continued driving for about 100 meters with the Model Y wedged underneath before coming to a stop.

With the roof sheared off, both the driver and passenger miraculously survived and were taken to hospital. The 21-year old passenger is in critical condition. The condition of the driver is unknown at this time.

Waterman and Fort

Source: Fox2Detroit

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