VinFast starts paying owners cash when their EV has an issue with new “Special Aftersales Policy”

VinFast has struggled with its expansion into North America. Even before they started deliveries of the VF 8 in the US, the electric SUV was resoundingly panned in all media reviews, with most highlighting the poor build quality and numerous (and sometimes serious) issues they experienced in their demo vehicles.

It looks like those issues have persisted into customers vehicles, and they are bad enough that VinFast is resorting to giving away cash to owners when their car experiences an issue, even for issues that don’t require a service visit. In an apparent attempt to retain the few existing owners they have, and hopefully attract new ones, the Vietnamese automaker has launched what it is calling a “Special Aftersales Policy…to enhance its customers’ ownership journey.”

Effective immediately all VinFast owners in Canada and the US (and Vietnam) will receive hundreds, or potentially even over one thousand dollars in cash or service vouchers when their car experiences an issue. There are three different categories of issues, with the payments varying from $160 CAD/$100 USD for an “inconvenience that does not impact the use of the vehicle,” all the way to $160 CAD/$100 USD for every day their car is in service for more than three days.

  • Type 1 issues cause inconvenience(s) that do not impact the use of the vehicle. Eligible customers will receive $160 CAD/$100 USD for each Type 1 issue they experience.
  • Type 2 issues render a vehicle inoperable. In addition to providing roadside assistance, VinFast will provide eligible customers with $480 CAD/$300 USD for each Type 2 issue they experience.
  • Type 3 issues require a repair time of more than three days. From the fourth day onward, eligible customers will receive $160 CAD$100 USD for each additional day that their vehicle is being serviced by VinFast.

Not only can owners receive the above payments, they can also be bundled if they experience any combination of the type issues noted, with the automaker even saying they will provide all three payments if the three types of issues occur.

While VinFast attempts to pass off the new policy as a “dedication to a customer-centric philosophy” and their “bold dedication to its customers and its commitment to providing them with “Premium Quality – Inclusive Pricing – Outstanding Aftersales,” it is very clearly the sign of a desperate automaker that sees no way out other than paying their owners to keep their car.

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