San Antonio Mayor does not see the need for a Boring Company tunnel

Vegas loop tunnel
Credit: The Boring Company

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg confirmed that he does not see a need for the Boring Company to provide its services to the city.

In his first comments on the proposal, Mayor Nirenberg told Inside Texas Politics that:

“We have a lot of transportation issues that we want to solve here in Texas and San Antonio, frankly. That [Boring Company Tunneling Proposal] doesn’t solve any of them.” 

He also noted that:

“What I have seen after exploring the boring tunnel concept, again, doesn’t suit any of the priorities we’re trying to achieve in transportation.” 

Although the project has yet to come to the city. The Mayor’s comments may bury the possibility of it even happening.

Currently, the Alamo Regional Mobile Authority has an agreement with the Boring Company to study the project’s feasibility.

If the project were to go ahead, the Boring Company would use Tesla vehicles to shuttle people between the San Antonio airport and downtown over a nine-mile route. The set-up would be similar to the one the company operates in Las Vegas.

At least to say the project is not dead yet. However, it certainly will have an uphill battle to fight.

You can check out the full interview down below (the Mayor’s interview starts at 11:15)

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