Rivian’s R1 refresh brings fresh software, advanced connectivity and features

Rivian’s R1 refresh is off to a great start with fresh software, advanced connectivity, and features for both the R1S and R1T.

Rivian faced some considerable criticism from owners due to a lack of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As well, the Bluetooth connection in the vehicles was lacklustre at best. So, the overhaul was not only wanted but necessary.

The newly refreshed software is a complete overhaul in terms of user experience and functionality. However, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are still not included. The new software includes:

  • Ultra-Wideband support
    • Apple Digital Key Support
    • Apple Wallet Support
    • Select Google Pixel Support
  • Connect+ connection service with unlimited data
    • Google Cast Support
    • Apple Music
    • Spotify
    • Tidal
    • TuneIn
    • In-vehicle hotspot
    • Map satellite images
    • Gear Guard Live Cam
    • Alexa Connected Assistant with the option to replace it with Google Assistant or Siri off your phone

In addition to the software improvements, the refreshed R1S and R1T will also include an optional Premium Audio package that adds Dolby Atmos spatial sound speakers.

It is unclear when the new software will be available for existing R1T or R1S, but we assume it will be via over-the-air update in the next few months as the refreshed R1T and R1S start rolling off the production line.

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