Ford integrates Tesla Superchargers to its Trip Planner

Ford has added Tesla Superchargers with Magic Docks to their electric vehicle (EV) Trip Planner tool. Ford is now the second automaker to integrate Tesla’s Supercharger into their navigation, following Rivian which integrated them last month.

As we all know Tesla opened up their Supercharger network to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) earlier this year. This was made possible with the addition of a Magic Dock, which is a built-in CCS adapter, to 10 Supercharger stations in New York and California. When a non-Tesla owner pulls up to one of those 10 stations, they simply have to open the Tesla mobile app and start their charging session.

Opening up the Supercharger network is a significant benefit to other EV owners as Tesla’s combination of reliability and ease of use is unmatched in the charging industry. Ford is now making it easier for their EV owners to find these Superchargers with Magic Docks by adding to their Trip Planner tool, as shared by Twitter user @Dadalorian13 who posted this image of the Brewster Supercharger in New York appearing in the tool.

Unlike Rivian, which added Superchargers to their in-car navigation and their mobile app, it appears as though Ford has so far only added to the mobile app version of the Trip Planner, as the web-based version does not display the Brewster Supercharger online.

Tesla opened up their Supercharger network to other EVs with 10 stations in February, and in the month and a half since has not yet added the Magic Dock to more stations. Tesla is likely using these first 10 stations as a small pilot to see how the built-in CCS adapters perform, but we will eventually see as many as 3,500 connectors with CCS capability be added across the US by the end of 2024, according to The White House.

We also reported yesterday that the Magic Dock is coming to Canada soon as well, and it appears as though one of the first stations to have it added will be an upcoming location in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Rivian adds Tesla Superchargers with Magic Docks to in-car navigation and mobile app, fixes 12V battery issue in latest software update

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