Rivian R1T takes on Tesla Model Y Performance [Video]

rivian model y
Credit: The Fast Lane Truck /YouTube

In Fast Lane Truck’s latest YouTube video, the channel puts the Rivian R1T up against the Tesla Model Y Performance and the Ram TRX.

First up was the R1T versus the Ram RTX. The Fast Lane Truck channel has long tested trucks against the Ram TRX, and the TRX always came on top. But they have never put it up against an electric truck, until now.

The Rivian R1T has 835 horsepower and over 900 pounds of torque. At the same time, the TRX has 702 horsepower and over 600 pounds of torque. Weight-wise, the TRX is 6300 pounds, while the R1T is 7000 pounds.

The channel quickly compared the two trucks and then got to racing. The Rivian R1T absolutely dominated the TRX.

So, they needed to rehash this race, but with an EV this time.

So, the channel then put the Rivian R1T up against the Tesla Model Y Performance.

Surprisingly, the Rivian R1T maintained its crown. However, it was a fair bit closer than the TRX race. The Rivian took it by about a cars length.

The quickest 0-60 on the Rivian R1T is possible when you put the truck in Sport Mode. Then you put the Rivian into the lowest suspension mode and put it into stiff suspension. Then you accelerate.

The Rivian put up a 0-60 mph in 3.62 seconds.

You can check out the video yourself down below.

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