Rivian’s connectivity subscription service coming soon with WiFi hotspot, music & video streaming, and more

Rivian looks to be gearing up to finally launch its connectivity subscription plan. The company first announced over a year ago it was going to launch a subscription service, but there has been no word on what the service was going to include, until now.

When Rivian first started deliveries of the R1T, they offered their owners a Membership program, offering perks like free charging on the Rivian Adventure Network (RAN), off-Roadside Assistance, and unlimited vehicle connectivity. New owners received all three tiers at no cost. Rivian abruptly cancelled the Membership program in January 2023, saying it would instead offer them as individual “à la carte” subscription services.

In the year since then Rivian has provided no updates on their planned subscription service, but it looks like it is finally going to launch soon, and with some attractive features.

According to a screenshot of a feature list shared by Reddit user u/ddd1330 (via @omg_tesla), the monthly subscription service will include features such as an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot (please add this Tesla), music and video streaming (including screen mirroring from your mobile device), gaming, remote view of Gear Guard (Rivian’s equivalent of Sentry Mode), and more.

If there are features in that list that don’t appeal to you, it appears as though à la carte will be available and customers will be able to pick and choose their desired features from the list to create a custom bundle.

Unfortunately the biggest piece of information not included is the cost. Based on the feature list, it will likely come in close to what Tesla owners pay for Premium Connectivity, currently $13.99/month in Canada or $9.99/month in the US.

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