Tesla adds Premium Connectivity Subscription to referral program rewards [Update]

Tesla has added a new award to their referral program on Thursday and this one will likely be quite popular because of its value, especially for Canadians. You can now redeem your credits for a 1 year Premium Connectivity subscription.

The addition to the referral program awards was first announced by Taylor Robinette, Digital Product Leader at Tesla, with the Premium Connectivity subscription now appearing in the mobile app for 2,000 credits. [UPDATE 9:45pm PT: Tesla has increased the price to 2,500 credits.]

Tesla owners in Canada still don’t have the option to purchase their Premium Connectivity subscription at a discounted rate for a full year like what is offered in the US, meaning you have to pay $13.99 (plus taxes) each month. Depending on your provincial tax rate, over the course of a year that will set you back about $180, meaning the 1 year subscription through the referral program works out to about 11 almost 14 credits per dollar. In the US owners can subscribe to Premium Connectivity for $99 per year, a discount of $20 compared to the monthly rate of $9.99. That puts the value of this reward at 20 25.25 credits/$.

For Canadians this makes it one of the most cost effective rewards in the program, only behind things like Model 3/Y door sills (around 8 credits/$), and some apparel items at 10 credits/$. Conversely in the US it is one of the least cost effective. [UPDATE 9:45pm PT: With the increased price, it is not quite as cost effective as it was in Canada, now in the middle of the pack. In the US it is the least cost effective now]

Given that a Model 3/Y referral provides you with 10,000 credits, you could potentially have Premium Connectivity for the next five four+ years (or nearly 10 years with a S/X referral), although whether Tesla will offer this promotion for that long remains to be seen.

As a reminder, Premium Connectivity provides you with streaming music, live traffic visualization, Live Sentry Mode view from your mobile app, satellite maps on the navigation, video streaming like Netflix and Disney+ (when not connected to WiFi), and access to the internet browser.

Here’s a full list of all the referral awards and their corresponding values.

Will you be redeeming for a Premium Connectivity subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

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