Tesla finally provides access to more camera views in latest software update

Tesla vehicles are equipped with multiple on-board cameras that work to power safety and convenience features. Despite there being as many as 9 cameras on the latest vehicles, owners were only able to easily view footage from five of those, but that has changed with the latest 2023.20.4.1 software update released this week.

Earlier this year Tesla added a new Camera Preview feature in the Service section of the in-car menu. This option gave owners access to see a live view from the cabin camera for the first time. Additionally, owners could view footage from the rear camera, side repeaters (or fender cams), and one of the forward facing cameras through either Sentry Mode or Dashcam. With the 2023.20.4.1 software update, Tesla has now added views from all of the other cameras to Camera Preview

The most notable addition is the view from the b-pillar cameras. These are the cameras located between the front and rear doors, and the ability to access the video from these cameras has frequently been requested by owners as it provides more of a straight out view from the side of the car compared to the side repeater cameras, something that could prove helpful in an accident or case of vandalism.

Tesla also added views from the wide and narrow front cameras, which are the other two forward facing cameras found in your windshield. Here are all of the camera feeds now accessible through Camera Preview, which you can see a video of from Australian Tesla owner and tech writer Jason Cartwright (@techau) down below.

  • Cabin
  • Main
  • Wide
  • Narrow
  • Left Door Pillar
  • Left Fender
  • Right Door Pillar
  • Right Fender
  • Rear

While this is definitely a welcomed addition, the new views are unfortunately only available through Camera Preview. According to Jason they are not accessible when recording clips through Sentry Mode or Dashcam, but we are hopeful that now that Tesla has made them accessible here, they will soon add them to both of their safety and security features.

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