Rivian might offer factory vinyl wraps for the R1T pickup truck

Rivian has been road-testing their R1T electric pickup truck on roads across North America in preparation for its launch later this year. Numerous sightings of the truck have been posted to social media, and instead of the standard colours available when ordering, have featured uniquely designed vinyl wraps.

If you liked the designs of the wraps and wanted to have that for your own Rivian R1T, it looks like you might be in luck. After posting pictures of the R1T to their Twitter account, a user by the name of ‘Star of the North’ asked the automaker if they had a name for the design, asking further if it will be an option.

The automaker responded saying it was a “factory wrap that’s not available quite yet.” They also hinted that future buyers might be able to select it as an option when ordering the truck.

Rivian didn’t provide any further details on when it will appear, or how much it would cost. Given that their optional paint colours range from an extra $2,000 USD to $3,250 USD, it will likely be priced below, or at the low end, of that range.

Would you order an R1T with a vinyl wrap like this? Let us know in the comments below.

h/t: Rivian Owners Forum

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