Rivian promises thousands of R1T reservation holders will get deliveries within months

Thousands of Rivian R1T reservation holders have been made to wait over a year for their cars. However, the EV startup has promised their wait will soon be over.

According to Andy Bowman, Rivian’s communications director, thousands of R1T reservation holders will receive invitations to complete their order in a few days. Their pickup trucks will be delivered in less than four months after their orders have been confirmed.

“Once their order is confirmed, they can expect to take delivery in the next 1-4 months.” (via The Verge)

Rivian has struggled to ramp up production, which has left many reservations hanging. As of last September, when it shared the number of reservations, the company had 114,000, a significant backlog for Rivian at this stage of its development.

Rivian says in a support article that reservation holders that receive an invitation can access the online configurator, where they will select the options they want. However, not all options are available at this time, including dual motor drivetrain, max pack battery, and some vegan leather options.

For those who decide to wait until their preferred options are available, Rivian warns pricing and availability might change. The company tried unsuccessfully to raise prices even for pre-orders. However, configuring your truck and confirming your order will lock in the price, provided you make no changes.

Rivian was the first to the market with an electric pickup. The company expects to make 50,000 vehicles this year after delivering 8,054 units last quarter.

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