Tesla lowers referrer bonus on solar roof to $300

In an unannounced change, Tesla lowered the referral program bonus for the Tesla Solar Roof to $300.

The $300 solar panel referral bonus remained untouched.

Previously, the Tesla referral program provided friends and family who bought Tesla Energy products through a referral link a bonus. 

For the Tesla Solar Roof both the buyer and referrer got a $500 bonus.

While for Tesla solar panels, both parties got a $300 bonus.

However, in an update in the last couple of days, Tesla dropped the Solar Roof bonus by $200.

Twitter user @Tesla_Adri spotted the change and posted about it last night.

There was no announcement of the change on any of Tesla or Tesla‘s channels. However, the interest in solar energy and the continual spike in the cost of power may have led Tesla to lower the bonus.

Either way, we are not sure why the referral program has changed.

Ending or changing referral programs is not a new move by Tesla. For instance, Tesla ended the referral program for their vehicles on September 18, 2021.

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