Rivian finalizes powered tonneau cover fix, installations begin this month

Rivian has announced that it is reintroducing its powered tonneau cover for the R1T pickup truck, following a rocky start that saw the feature temporarily shelved.  In an email sent to customers, Rivian says installations of the new cover will begin later this month, earlier than anticipated.

The initial powered tonneau cover encountered a slew of problems, prompting Rivian to halt production and remove the option from its website. In late 2022, the company informed customers that they could choose either a manual aluminum composite top or opt for no cover at all. At the time, it seemed that a powered alternative might never return.

Fortunately, Rivian has been able to come up with a solution and bring it back into production. In an email sent to Rivian Forums member Tim, the company said, “We recently completed in-field testing of our updated power tonneau cover and are happy to report the new units are performing well.” Rivian explicitly mentioned that the new cover passed both durability and repeatability testing, ensuring its reliability.

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Credit: LTD in CBTS | Rivian Forums

This announcement comes as welcome news for R1T owners, who fell into two categories: those with the original powered tonneau cover and those with either the manual cover or no cover at all. However, the email does not specify who Rivian is prioritizing for the distribution and installation of the updated covers.

According to the email Rivian plans to begin installations for owners with an existing service ticket, specifically for original powered tonneau cover owners with an active ticket. The process will kick off as early as this month, and the company will handle installations on a rolling basis, meaning some owners will receive their upgraded cover sooner than others.

Rivian seems to be committed to making this process as hassle-free as possible for existing powered tonneau cover owners. The message emphasizes that the company’s goal is to ensure a quick and convenient experience, offering a glimmer of hope for those who had encountered issues with the original version.

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