Rivian toying with the idea of launching Ascent, a 1,000 HP R1 variant in 2024

Rivian is reportedly toying with the idea of launching 1,000 HP variants of its R1T and R1S in 2024, called Ascent.

According to a member of the Rivian forums who said they spoke with a “solid source,” the new variants would have minor cosmetic and aerodynamic upgrades but also dual motors able to deliver 1,000 HP. Apparently, Rivian is already in the testing phase, and the vehicles were “coming off the ground” due to the torque.

In terms of cosmetic upgrades, the new variant would come with blacked-out exterior accents for a sleeker and more modern look.

If this report is true, 1,000 HP would be a substantial improvement for the Rivian line-up. The most powerful quad-motor variants currently deliver 835 HP, while the dual-motor versions deliver 665 HP. Other manufacturers, such as the Lucid Air Sapphire and Model S Plaid, get to over 1,000 HP with three motors. While one of the only mainstream dual-motor 1,000 HP production models is the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance.

However, we should note that this news all comes from the Rivian forums from a “solid” source. But this information does track as Rivian started to develop its own in-house Enduro drive units this year. We have not seen anything from Rivian proper yet, but we could see something heading into the new model year or even early 2024.

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