BCI Marine to install Aqua superPower fast-charging points throughout Canada

Electric boat owners throughout Canada will soon have more places to plug in and charge their boats before heading out on the water.

BCI Marine Group and Aqua superPower have partnered to install DC rapid chargers at marinas in Ontario and Quebec this year, before expanding to other locations in the future.

The new superPower DC rapid chargers can provide dual simultaneous DC charging of up to 150kW. The stations will be available to marina users through Aqua’s secure mobile app, or RFID card.

“We know that for the electric boat market to truly launch in Canada, it’s essential a conveniently available ‘super charging’ network be implemented to service these boats.

We are proud to partner with Aqua superPower to begin building, and fast-tracking, a more eco-friendly and sustainable boating experience with specific marinas and destination points in Ontario and Quebec, many that have already been identified,” said Patrick Hardy, President of BCI Marine. “

The company’s plan to announce their initial targeted locations in early 2022, and hopes to have the first installation complete by Victoria Day (May 23, 2022).

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