Tesla’s Giga Berlin expansion plans go to public consultations next week

Tesla is preparing for a significant expansion at Giga Berlin, which will double the factory’s annual production capacity, both in terms of electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries output. As part of the necessary approval process, the automaker will launch public consultations to gather input and feedback from the community next week.

According to a statement from the Brandenburg Environment Ministry on Wednesday, Tesla’s expansion application documents will be available for public viewing from July 19 to August 18, 2023. The documents will available online, as well as viewable in person at the State Environment Agency and in town halls. (via rbb24)

During this time period residents can voice their opposition, or support for the project, after which a town hall discussion will take place on October 23, 2023 to address the feedback received.

The documents state that Tesla wants to increase EV production at Giga Berlin from 500,000 vehicles to 1 million vehicles annually. Additionally, Tesla is wanting double the battery production output from 50GWh to 100GWh. You can read more about Tesla’s expansion plans through previously submitted documents here.

It remains to be seen how many will voice their opposition to the expansion, but there will likely be many. Tesla has been no stranger to challenges when building Giga Berlin, from opposition from environmentalists to concerns about water resources.

Giga Berlin expansion plans on hold after local council removes vote from meeting agenda

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