Rivian employees blow the whistle on safety violations at Normal plant

rivian factory
Credit: Rivian

It appears that more than a dozen Rivian employees have accused the automaker of breaking multiple safety rules at its Illinois plant. As per federal complaints, Rivian is accused of ignoring known hazards and deprioritizing safety resources.

The complaints range from injuries on the job site, sharing safety equipment such as respirators and ordering workers to use damaged electrical cables.

These complaints were made over the last few months to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

However, the US OSHA was not the source of the leak; instead, the United Auto Workers union shared the filings with Bloomberg.

The UAW has been trying to organize workers at the Normal, Illinois facility for the past year.

Rivian, for its case, notes that the company outperforms its peers on health and safety.

The company’s Total Recordable Incident Rate is 2.5 cases for every 200,000 hours worked, less than the industry average of 6.4 cases per 200,000 hours.

In addition, the data from the company shows that factory safety is improving, with an incident rate dropping 44 per cent since January.

US OSHA currently has open investigations for seven complaints.

Since the plant opened, US OSHA has issued four severe citations against Rivian, including three earlier this year, which ended in a settlement with the agency.

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