Tesla removes ‘Autosteer on city streets’ feature from Coming Soon list

Tesla has long kept the ‘Autosteer on city streets’ feature on the ‘Coming Soon’ tab of its car configurator in the US and Canada. However, as signs of the imminent arrival of the feature, the EV maker has removed it from the tab. This change was first spotted by Tesla fan and investor Sawyer Merritt.

Merritt posted on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account that the change might appear small but is a major one, and that it is a sign of Tesla’s confidence in the capabilities of its software, to which CEO Elon Musk replied in the affirmative:

With this removal, Tesla likely wants to release the auto-steer feature within the FSD 12 update when it makes it out of beta.

Adding to the excitement was Musk’s live-streaming of FSD 12 on X last week. Even though his car attempted to run a red light during the test, it appears the FSD team is still confident enough to release the latest version by ironing out the issue in the past week.

According to Musk, FSD 12 has been tested in multiple countries, raising hopes that Tesla would release the update outside Canada and the US at the same time.

We reported that Tesla dropped the price of FSD in Canada and the US when ‘Autosteer on city streets’ was still listed as coming soon.

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