Elon Musk postpones Battery Day, changes format to two-part event

One of the more highly anticipated events from Tesla that was supposed to happen this month has been further postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Originally scheduled to take place at Giga New York, Musk now says along with the delay to at least next month, Battery Day may become a two part event, with both a webcast and live in-person event at a later date.

Tesla already has a large lead when it comes to range over the next leading electric vehicle (EV), with the Model S getting 129 miles (208km) more range than the next leading competitor.

Battery Day is set to be a groundbreaking event where the automaker is expected to announce major breakthroughs in battery technology, that are rumoured to extend range and lower cost to a point where EVs would gain price parity (or better) with the gas vehicle counterparts.

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