Rivian pushes back R1T Max pack Quad-Motor deliveries to 2024, Dual-Motor to Summer 2023

Rivian customers with reservations for the R1T equipped with the optional Max Pack are being faced with another delay to their delivery timelines.

The Max Pack is Rivian’s largest battery offering as much as 400 miles (643km) of range on a full charge, but it has taken a back seat with the fledgling automaker prioritizing production of EVs with smaller battery packs.

In an email to reservation holders sent over the weekend, Rivian says the biggest delay goes to the R1T Quad-Motor Max pack, which now won’t arrive until some time in 2024.

Rivian apologized for the delay, explaining they are “working hard to ramp and deliver as many vehicles as possible.”

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The news is better however for customers waiting for their R1T Dual Motor Max Pack. Deliveries of this configuration have only been pushed to Summer 2023.

In an attempt to make the delay easier to swallow, Rivian says customers can switch to the Large pack and take delivery as soon as Q1 2023.

It is not surprising that Rivian has pushed deliveries of the R1T with the Max pack to as much as two years away. The Max pack will allow the R1T to travel around 400 miles thanks to an estimated 180kWh to 200kWh battery pack.

Building EVs with such a large battery will of course take battery cells away from their other configurations, meaning lower production of their Large and Standard pack configurations.

Rivian makes more money on these configurations, and margins are extremely important for Rivian as they ramp production.

Here is a full copy of the email (via Rivian Forums).


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