Regional Municipality of York to get 70 new EV charging stations

Public EV charging station

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in York, Ontario will soon have a lot of new options to charge thanks to a large investment from the Government of Canada.

In partnership with Natural Resources Canada’s (NRC) Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, the Regional Municipality of York will receive $350,000 to install 70 new Level 2 EV chargers. The funding is provided to help achieve the government’s target of having 100% of new passenger car sales to be zero emission by 2040.

“Achieving zero greenhouse emissions by 2051 is a strategic priority for York Regional Council. Through ongoing collaboration with the federal government and investments through the Zero-Emission Vehicle Investment Fund, York Region is able to take innovative steps to electrify our fleet and support public demand for zero-emission vehicles,” said Wayne Emmerson, York Region Chairman and CEO.

Despite installing hundreds of EV chargers and providing up to $3,000 off the purchase of a new qualifying zero-emission vehicle, it looks like the Government of Canada will miss its first interim target.

According to the latest data from Transport Canada, the first goal of having 10% of car sales be electric by 2025 won’t be reached until 2030.

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