Tesla Tequila has been hiding in plain sight for months

The release of Tesla Tequila last week caught everyone off guard, but it wouldn’t have been as much of a surprise if we had been paying attention.

Tesla is well-known for easter eggs and other hidden surprises in their vehicles, like rainbow road and a ‘Back to the Future’ charging trick. It appears the automaker likes to leave hints to future products as well as the Tesla Tequila bottle design has been in plain sight in Tesla showrooms.

First spotted by Branden Flasch, the unique Tesla Tequila bottle has been on the kitchen table of a house included on promotional material for Tesla Energy products.

So how long has the Tesla Tequila bottle been out there? According to Javier Verdura, the director of product design at Tesla who confirmed it is real on Twitter, said he had forgotten his team had placed it there, indicating it has been there for some time.

The limited edition bottles of Tesla Tequila, priced at $250, didn’t last long after they were released, selling out within about 4 hours. Each bottle is unique featuring minor imperfections as each one is “handcrafted by skilled glass artisans.”

Despite not shipping until next month, several pictures of the packaging were leaked last week by a worker at a warehouse which received over 1,000 bottles.

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