Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich Driving a Tesla – new parody video from AwakenWithJP

You might not know the name, but you’ve probably seen one of his videos before. AwakenWithJP creates parody videos where he mocks and makes light of things like the battle between meat eaters and vegans, and a how-to video on how to become gluten intolerant.

His latest video takes a shot at Tesla owners, portraying them as rich people who think they’re saving the environment by driving a zero-emission Tesla.

He also goes into a number of other popular talking points against Tesla vehicles, Tesla service issues, the greenhouse gas emissions that happen from mining the materials needed for battery production (FYI still less than a gas car), and anything else to do with CEO Elon Musk, like his plans to colonize Mars.

He also brings up some of the more popular features of Tesla vehicles, like the video games, and the insane acceleration available with Ludicrous Mode. As he so aptly puts it,

“That’s extra 0.6 seconds has changed my life. And I enjoy the sensation of my having kidneys liquified and my stomach being pulled up through my throat when I use Ludicrous Mode to impress my friends.”

Check out the full video below, and remember it’s a parody.

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