The Boring Company prepares to dig tunnel at Giga Texas

Two of Elon Musk’s companies are teaming up for a new project. The Boring Company is preparing to dig a tunnel at Giga Texas that will help get new vehicles out of the factory and off to their new owners.

Back in December Drive Tesla reported that The Boring Company’s next project could be at Giga Texas. During a drone flyover pilot Joe Tegtmeyer spotted a pile of recently delivered, large pieces of concrete on the west side of the factory complex, across the highway from the main building. After some investigation it was discovered that these pieces were concrete tunnel linings from The Boring Company, suggesting a tunnel might soon start construction.

A little over a month later and work has started on the project. Over the weekend a drone flyover from Brad Sloan revealed prep work has begun for where the boring machine will start its journey underneath State Highway 130 (SH 130), also known as the Pickle Parkway.

A large concrete foundation has been installed, and excavation has already taken place for where the boring machine will start its work.

While all of this is a good sign for the start of the project, the most important piece of machinery hasn’t been delivered yet, and that’s the boring machine. The most likely candidate for the job is Prufrock-1, which recently completed the new Westgate-2 tunnel in Las Vegas.

As for what the tunnel will be used for, nothing has been confirmed, but it is expected to connect the factory to a new outbound lot for newly built vehicles. Since it will be a private tunnel the cars could theoretically drive themselves through the tunnel.

Here is our mock-up of the tunnel from last month, but based on where this work has started, the tunnel will be further south and line up with the south-end of the factory.

giga texas tunnel
Credit: BuildingTesla, Edited by Drive Tesla

You can watch the full drone flyover here. The part with the tunnel starts at around 16:10.

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