Porsche’s electric Boxster prototype spotted at Supercharger, showing charging port and frunk

Many Porsche Boxster and Cayman owners are besotted with their cars’ performance. However, the two cars are also practical vehicles. The duo has trunks at the front and the rear, making them more usable for transporting cargo. As revealed by spy shots of the upcoming electric 2025 Porsche Boxster, the car will still be as generous with luggage space.

Car Scoops posted photos of the prototype online, where the test team was lifting bags out of the car’s front trunk, or frunk while it was stopped at a Tesla Supercharger. Other photos confirm that the electric Boxster also has a trunk in the rear.

What is not clear is whether the frunk size will vary according to the powertrain selected by the buyers. A single motor on the rear wheels will likely power the base version. However, more expensive versions may get two motors and all-wheel drive, with the extra motor and driveshafts potentially cutting into the trunk space.

Other photos showed the rear charging door wide open. However, there is a dummy exhaust tailpipe directly below it.

The new electric Boxster and Cayman will be launched in 2025. However, the Macan EV will launch a year before that, using similar dual-powertrain propulsion, thanks to delays due to software problems.

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