Cafu mobile EV charger starts pilot in Montreal

Cafu’s on-demand mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging service, Cafu En Charge, is launching its single-vehicle pilot in Montreal this week.

The Cafu En Charge is a mobile charging option that can provide EV charging anywhere throughout the city of Montreal. It is meant as an auxiliary service to traditional EV charging, and the company hopes to license the technology throughout North America. The pilot will allow Cafu to test the user experience and road-test the app’s functionality, as reported by Electric Autonomy.

Cafu uses a Ford E-Transit van with a 140 kWh battery pack that can provide 50 kW fast-charging vehicles with a Tesla or CCS connector. The E-Transit uses the same ABB E-Mobility pack used on the Formula E racing series. Users can book the service via the Cafu app, and the vehicle can charge between eight to ten vehicles a day.

Cafu partnered with Quebec-based Institut du vehicule innovant (IVI) to develop, test and pilot the Cafu En Charge in late 2021.

Earlier this month, the Dubai-based company showed off the prototype at the International Summit on Electric and Smart Transportation conference in Saint-Jerome, QC. The same prototype will be hitting Montreal roads, starting this week.

If you are in Montreal and spot the Cafu En Charge in action, send us a pic!

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