Tesla Cybertruck’s four-wheel steering may give it a better turning radius than Model Y: Elon Musk

The latest Tesla Cybertruck builds have been spotted several times over the course of the last few days on public roads near the company’s engineering headquarters in California. In one particular sighting captured by The Kilowatts, employees can be seen testing the Cybertruck’s steering, quickly veering from side to side, also showing off the four-wheel steering while completing a u-turn at a traffic light and while turning into the company parking lot.


According to CEO Elon Musk, that four wheel steering could give it an edge over the Model Y when it comes to turning radius, despite the difference in size between the electric pickup truck and the electric SUV. Commenting on the video Musk said in a tweet, “Perhaps better turning than a Y.”

When looking at the specs of the two vehicles that seems hard to believe. The Model Y measures in at 187 inches long, while the Cybertruck’s unofficial length on reveal night was 231.7 inches, a whopping 44.7 inch difference. But that difference in size is negated thanks to the four-wheel steering, in which the rear wheels turn at the same time as the front wheels, although not to the same degree.

In fact this Cybertruck sighting backs up Musk’s statement as it is able to complete a u-turn on a two-lane street in the same amount of space as the Model Y The Kilowatts was driving in behind it.

Based on what we have heard about the Cybertruck four-wheel steering will come standard on all variants. The big question is when the first units will be delivered to customers. Tesla is still targeting the start of production for later this summer, and these tests on public roads are a good sign that they are on track to meet that timeline.

However production in 2023 will be limited as the company works out the kinks in the production process, but according to Musk they will be able to ramp production and produce meaningful volume in 2024. That can’t come soon enough for the more than 1.5 million people waiting to take delivery of a Cybertruck.

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