Porsche’s 1,000 HP Taycan GT spotted at Nurburgring

taycan gt
Credit: HotCars

Porsche appears to be gunning for Tesla’s Nurburgring lap time, or maybe even the new EV lap record set by the Rimac Nevera with the upcoming revamped Taycan GT. The luxury car maker was seen testing three prototypes of the performance car at the famous racing arena in Germany.

The cars, spotted without camouflage for the first time, had body modifications, establishing their higher place in Porsche’s EV lineup in terms of performance. The Taycan GT is rumored to produce over 1,000 HP with a tri-motor setup, as opposed to the regular dual-motor Taycan, according to HotCars.

Among the modifications on the Taycan GT are aerodynamic upgrades. There is a more pronounced front lip, new LED headlights, and larger side skirts. At the rear, the car has a large wing, the first of its size on any Taycan, meaning Porsche anticipates lots of rear downforce with the new version.

The prototypes sport alloy wheels with five spokes. However, the roll cage would not be present in the production version.

Performance EV fans are already salivating for a challenge between the Taycan GT and Tesla’s Model S Plaid, which has claimed multiple Nurburgring records. The Plaid produces 1,019 hp and zooms from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds.

There is little doubt that Porsche is coming for the Model S Plaid in terms of performance. This will give it bragging rights over other EVs as well. However, Porsche has yet to officially release the Taycan GT specifications.

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