Tesla Model S Plaid is the EV king of Nurburgring once again

The Tesla Model S Plaid is once again king of Nurburgring, with a new lap record set at the historic track on June 2.

The Model S Plaid outfitted with the newly released Track package completed the lap in 7:25:231 to retake the top EV time.

This overtakes the time set by the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, which finished the 12.94-mile track in 7 minutes and 33 seconds. The Taycan time beat a previous record held by a Tesla Model S Plaid by more than 2 seconds.

The latest Tesla S Plaid time was almost ten seconds faster than the previous Tesla run, and it does come down to the Track package. The aluminium forged Zero-G wheels, Goodyear Supercar 3R tires and carbon ceramic brake kit allowed the Model S Plaid to drive at the edge. Unlike the last attempt, this Model S Plaid was also equipped with a round steering wheel instead of the yoke.

Tesla has yet to confirm who the driver behind the wheel was for the attempt. However, the Model S Plaid now sits between the Mercedes-AMG GT63s 4MATIC+ and the Ferrari Enzo in terms of lap time. Even with that excellent time, the Model S Plaid is still well off the fastest lap, completed by a Mercedes-AMG One in October last year with a scorching time of six minutes and thirty seconds.

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