The Rimac Nevera beats Tesla’s Model S Plaid’s Nurburgring lap records by 20 seconds

Tesla often boasts about breaking records. However, the shoe is on the other foot as Croatian automaker Rimac has pulled on against Tesla. The Rimac Nevera set a new record for production car racing on the famous Nurburgring racing track. The hypercar finished a lap in a mind-bending 7 minutes and 5.298 seconds. This pushed the Tesla Model S Plaid’s record to second place with 20 seconds.

The Nevera set another record on the shorter 20.6 km track of 7 minutes and .928 seconds. Behind the steering wheel was Croatian racing driver Martin Kodric. Rimac outfitted the Nevera with Michelin Cup2R tires.

Rimac announced the finish times had been verified independently.

The Model S Plaid set a record time of 7 minutes and 25.231 seconds with the Track package in June. However, Tesla now has to give up the title.

According to Kodric, the record did not come easy. “We had challenging weather conditions during our practice sessions this week and have chosen what seems like one of the hottest days on the track this summer to set a lap time.”

However, the Rimac Nevera is more than capable on paper. It produces 1914 hp and 1740 lb-ft of torque, powered by a 120 kWh battery. It can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in 1.74 seconds, a quarter of a mile in 8.25 seconds, and a max speed of 258 mph.

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