Porsche Taycan to launch in India on November 12

Porsche Taycan

Porsche announced that their all-electric Porsche Taycan would arrive in India on November 12.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taycan was supposed to come to India in early 2020.

However, after delays, the German automaker finally confirmed its launch in November.

The Indian version of the Taycan will not differ from the other global markets. The vehicle will come with all the standard features including the Porsche Charge map and provide the same 500km range.

However, the pricing will be a little higher for the Taycan than other markets due to the current luxury vehicle import duties in the country.

Volkswagen, and Tesla are currently engaging the Indian government to lower or abolish the duties on luxury vehicles to help bring foreign EVs to the Indian market.

The Taycan will provide three variants to Indian consumers. The 4S trim, which is the base, the Turbo and the full-blown Turbo S.

Porsche, did not provide details on pricing on when the car will be available to the Indian market.

However, the automaker confirmed they would provide those details during the launch on November 12.

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