PoliMOVE car breaks world speed record for fully autonomous cars [Video]

Earlier this week, a car created by Politecnico di Milano-PoliMOVE broke the world record for the fastest straight-line speed for a fully autonomous vehicle.

The F1 inspired vehicle broke the record they had established earlier in the week.

Their vehicle hit 192.2 mph or 309.3 km/h on the straight of the Space Shuttle airstrip at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The PoliMOVE car broke the previous world record held by Roborace at 174 mph or 282 kph.

After winning the Indy Autonomous Challenge in Las Vegas, the vehicle is already award-winning.

The PoliMOVE obtained the record breaking speed as an average over 1 km in two consecutive runs. The runs were on opposite directors to eliminate the effect of the wind.

Professor Sergio Savaresi, team lead of Politecnico di Milano had this to say.

“We were running a car operating on algorithms alone, where precision is paramount, and any small prediction error could have created a completely different outcome. This test run was exhilarating, and we are thrilled with the world record, but we’re also excited by the fact that this data will be made available to all, and the industry will benefit from our work and learnings.”

Next, the group will test the vehicle at the Atlanta Circuit, a 2.54-mile road track located in Braselton, Georgia.

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