Tesla Giga Berlin Denies Report of 3,000 Employee Layoffs

Tesla’s Giga Berlin management has denied a recent media report that the company is looking to cut around 3,000 jobs at the factory. This figure “has no basis,” the company said.

Local media reported on Monday that 3,000 jobs at Giga Berlin are in danger. The information comes after the company announced that it plans a reduction in its headcount by more than 10% globally. This figure “has no basis,” the company said on Tuesday, according to a report by RBB24.

The company’s plans were announced by Elon Musk in an internal email that was made available to the public. He also commented on the news in a post on X, writing: “About every 5 years, we need to reorganize and streamline the company for the next phase of growth.”

In response to media reports about layoffs at Giga Berlin, Tesla said: “We are considering this measure and will pursue it for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, taking into account all the requirements of labor law and a joint determination, including the works council,” Tesla said.

Both RBB’s research into corporate circles and reports from Drive Tesla sources indicate that the scale of job cuts at Giga Berlin will be significantly less than 3,000. RBB’s insiders said they believed less than 10 percent of the roughly 12,500 employees would be affected. Drive Tesla’s sources said their number is approximately 500 people. Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach said he was in contact with Tesla on the issue. He also expects far fewer than the 3,000 jobs reported to be lost. The exact scale is still unclear.

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The works council, trade union, and employment agency of Frankfurt an der Oder have also not yet received any information on the issue. Tesla will have to inform all these organizations. After this, more specific data will become publicly available.

“There are still a lot of rumors and a declaration of intent from the company headquarters,” IG Metall regional manager Dirk Schulze told RBB. “Management has a legal duty not only to keep the works council fully informed but also to advise it on how employment can be secured.”

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