Volkswagen faces ID.4 and ID.7 production halt in Emden amidst electric motor shortage

Volkswagen has been forced to temporarily halt production at its Emden plant due to supply chain issues in yet another setback for the German automotive giant.

The assembly lines for the ID.4 and ID.7 electric cars ground to a standstill in Emden this week, echoing a similar situation in Zwickau, where production was paused just a day earlier. The reason for the interruption is a shortage of electric motors, which has left the production lines idle.

Reports from local media suggest that the supply chain disruption in Zwickau is anticipated to last until December, affecting over 1,000 of the approximately 8,000 employees. Meanwhile, Emden seems poised for a shorter hiatus, with production expected to resume after a weekend pause, according to a spokesperson from Volkswagen. (via Spiegel)

The root cause of this motor shortage is a model makeover initiated by the VW Group for their electric SUVs. The transition to the new model year involved replacing the 150 kW PSM on the rear axle with the upgraded APP550 electric motor, which promises increased efficiency and extended range.

However, the VW component plant in Kassel, responsible for supplying these new motors, has encountered disruptions in its supply chain for the APP550. Consequently, Zwickau received fewer units of this “performance electric motor,” with the limited stock prioritized for Emden to support the ramp-up of the new VW ID.7. Emden’s production lines also had to be temporarily shut down due to the insufficient supply.

Production line 1 in Zwickau, responsible for the VW ID.3 and Cupra Born models, remains unaffected. These models utilize the older electric drive, and the supply chain for these components appears to be uninterrupted.

This hiccup in production comes after Volkswagen had already suspended EV production in Zwickau on production line 1 for approximately two weeks in October, citing weak demand.

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