Tesla navigation now shows wait times when Supercharger stations are full

Tesla has recently updated how the in-car navigation displays information for owners when a Supercharger is full.

In areas with a large concentration of Tesla owners, it is not uncommon to come across a lineup of cars waiting to fill up at a Supercharger. This can particularly become a problem during peak time periods, or like what occurred over the Thanksgiving long weekend last year at the San Luis Obispo Supercharger (video below).

To help drivers know what to expect when planning a stop at a Supercharger, Tesla updated its navigation system in 2017 to show how many stalls were available at nearby stations.

Then earlier this year another update was pushed out to show the number of stalls that were out of order.

Tesla has recently provided another update to its navigation system, as it now shows an estimated wait time if a Supercharger station is full.

Since the navigation system only shows the status of full Superchargers nearby, we were unable to find any that displayed a wait time near us. There was one station in Issaquah, Washington that was full, but it simply said “0 stalls available”.

Tesla Supercharger no wait time

This could be for a couple of reasons. The first is that the Supercharger in Issaquah is an urban 72kW Supercharger.

The other more likely reason is that our Model 3 has not yet received the navigation software update 2020.48-12628 that began deploying last week. In speaking with Drive Tesla, Eli tells us his car recently received the update, indicating this new feature is likely contained in that release.

Now that Tesla has implemented this feature, hopefully the next upgrade will be to include information on which stall number will be available next based on each vehicle’s remaining charge time.

Are you able to see Supercharger wait times in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

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