Tesla Model S hits existing inventory in Canada before most deliveries begin

We reported earlier today that Tesla has begun international deliveries of the refresh Model S with the first cars handed over to customers in Vancouver and Calgary.

While hundreds of other long-time reservation holders wait to receive their cars, Tesla has already started adding the electric sedan to the existing inventory section of its website in Canada.

One of our readers spotted a Long Range Model S with 21″ Arachnid wheels available for immediate purchase earlier this afternoon in Vancouver. The car was listed as having less than 50km on the odometer, which is how Tesla denotes a brand new car.

Model S existing inventory Vancouver
Image via @Seven353 /Twitter

It was slightly discounted, priced at $122,800. That’s $1,390 less than the price indicated for the same configuration on the Design Studio.

Model S configuration
Image via Tesla


You might have noticed the use of the past tense in this article. That is because the car has already been purchased and has been removed from the website since it was spotted just two hours ago.

Drive Tesla searched all of the other stores in Canada and could not find any other Model S cars available for immediate purchase. We will keep an eye out for more and let you know when they become available.

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