New Boulder camper can charge the EV towing it

Colorado Teardrop previewed their latest camper, which can charge the EV pulling it with a fast charger.

One of the biggest drawbacks of towing something for an EV is the decrease in range. However, Colorado believes that their Boulder camper can compensate for the reduction in range by providing fast charging on the road.

“The ability to return an electric vehicle to its original range and provide recharging capabilities through renewables will extend camping opportunities far beyond the current range and enable a new level of environmentally responsible camping possibilities,” Colorado Teardrops founder Dean Wiltshire said.

The Boulder is not reinventing the wheel in terms of its design. Instead of recharging through solar or other means, the trailer has a 75kWh battery in the trailer frame and chassis. The trailer doesn’t charge the EV while driving, but instead can charges it at the destination or on the way there with a DC fast charge connected.

One would think this would add excessive weight, but the Boulder comes in at 1,950 lb dry, which is relatively light for a camper of this size.

When camping, the Boulder provides users with a dinette, queen bed and two bunk beds. It also features two full-height gullwing doors for easy exit and entry. In addition, the trailer has a galley in the back which provides storage, counter space and a shelf that acts as a table for a stove.

Colorado Teardrops
Image via Colorado Teardrops

The list price for the trailer is $55,000. However, early reservations will receive a discount on the cost.

Finally, the company is now accepting reservations with a down payment, hoping to deliver the first models by the end of 2022.

If you’re interested, you can reserve yours here.

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