Tesla Opens Charging Network in China To 38 New Non-Tesla EV Models

Tesla has now expanded access to its charging infrastructure in China for a wider range of electric vehicle (EV) models.

Initially launching through a pilot program in April, Tesla made 10 Supercharger stations and 120 destination charging stations across China available to 37 non-Tesla models. Since then Tesla has steadily increased both the number of charging facilities accessible to non-Tesla vehicles and the variety of models supported.

As of this week the program has been expanded further to include 38 models from 30 different brands, including the Nio ES6, Xpeng P7, and BYD Han EV, all of which can now utilize Tesla’s charging network in China. The company announced the expansion through its official Weibo account.

charging update
Credit: Tesla

While this move promotes cross-compatibility and collaboration within the EV industry, it’s important to note that drivers of other brands will incur higher charging fees when using Tesla chargers, much like how the program operates in North America. The specific pricing varies by charging station, and users can conveniently check the rates through the Tesla app.

This is one of several recent charging announcements in China. SAIC-GM, a joint venture between SAIC Motor and General Motors, announced earlier this month that it would access Tesla’s charging network in China by the year’s end, making it the first automotive brand to do so in the country. Additionally, Polestar confirmed a week later that they would also join this interbrand collaboration, underscoring a growing trend toward shared charging infrastructure in the rapidly evolving EV landscape.

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