Tesla Vision-based Autopilot top speed increased to 90mph, but only for FSD Beta users for now

speed limit autopilot
Credit: u/jimbo303 /Reddit

Tesla has restored the original top speed limit when Autopilot is engaged for cars without radar.

When Tesla Vision was first launched in May 2021, the automaker reduced the top speed from 90mph (144km/h) down to 75mph (120km/h) as a precautionary measure to ensure the new camera-based Autopilot system worked as intended.

That was increased to 80mph (128km/h) just one month later in the 2021.4.18.10 software update.

Now nearly one year later Tesla has increased it again back to its original limit of 90mph (144km/h).

Unfortunately it is only for cars with the current version (10.11.2) of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta that was released earlier this week, according to Reddit user u/jimbo303.

With the release to the beta testing group, Tesla will likely deploy the increase speed limit to the rest of the fleet soon.

Tesla has been slowly expanding Tesla Vision after its initial launch last year.

The automaker has removed radar from Model S and Model X cars built at Fremont, and today announced cars destined for Europe and the Middle East also now rely entirely on the on-board cameras for Autopilot, FSD Capability, and other safety features.

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