First Look: Tesla CCS adapter in use reveals lower than expected charging speeds

Tesla finally released their long-awaited CCS adapter in South Korea earlier this week. The first customers are now receiving the adapters and we have our first look at the size and form factor of the adapter, as well as evidence of some lower than expected charging speeds.

According to the product details page, the adapter is capable of handling 500 volts and 300 amps. Performing some math means it should have a max charging rate of 150kW, but due to the Model 3/Y batteries only going up to 400 volts, a more realistic charging rate of about 120kW should be expected.

However, based on the feedback from Hyungjun Jeon, who has already received his CCS adapter and shared his first charging experience on Facebook, he was only able to see charge rates in the 60-70kW range.

Jeon says that based on this, he estimates the maximum rate to be around 85kW.

Of course this is just one test, so hopefully we see more owners trying out the adapter to get a better idea of what charging speeds we can expect when it launches in North America soon.

The Model 3 owner also shared images of the adapter to give us a better idea of its size. Unlike the previous CHAdeMO charging adapter from Tesla, the CCS adapter is much smaller and easier to handle, and also store.

As you can see in the image below, Jeon was able to hold it in the palm of his hand, something only Andre the Giant would have been able to do with the CHAdeMO adapter.

If any of our readers have received the adapter, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at

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