Tesla brings back free Supercharging for Model 3 purchasers, and offers discounts [Canada]

Tesla supercharger

[UPDATE]: We’re now hearing reports that purchasers are being told they can pick only two upgrades, or free Supercharging. They can’t pick both.

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With the end of the 3rd quarter approaching, we are hearing reports that new purchasers of Tesla Model 3’s are being offered free Supercharging for 2 years as an incentive. Free Supercharging has been offered in the past, but it has been reserved for Model S and X purchasers, and not for the Model 3. It is believed Tesla sales people are now allowed to offer this incentive, along with discounts for extra-cost options.

What that means if someones orders a less expensive Model 3, and Tesla has the same vehicle but with extra options like a more expensive colour choice, more expensive wheels, or interior finishes, Tesla will discount a new and in-stock car to match.

But beware that if you want the discounts, you need to take delivery by the end of September 2019. All this is geared towards pushing up the 3rd quarter sales numbers as it nears an end.

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Have you been offered a discount or free Supercharging on your soon-to-be Model 3 purchase?


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