Tesla Cybertruck towing, frunk, and interior caught in latest sightings and leaks

Tesla continues to test the Cybertruck on public roads, and for the first time the electric pickup truck has been seen towing a heavy trailer. Other recent leaks over the last few days has given us our best look yet at the Cybertruck’s frunk, and a look at the interior during a test drive.

Cybertruck Towing

Probably of most interest to future Cybertruck owners is that Tesla is now testing the Cybertruck’s towing capabilities on public roads. The Cybertruck was first spotted by @omg_tesla on X, who put together the footage he caught in this video on YouTube.

From the video we can see the Cybertruck is pulling an ATC trailer, which according to a review of the company’s website appears to be the Rom 300 car hauler. Depending on the exact configuration of the trailer, it could weigh as much as 3,456lbs, but that’s if it was empty. It is assumed that this is the same trailer that brought a Cybertruck to California from Giga Texas.

This same setup was later spotted by several others over the next few days, including of it travelling at highway speeds. From this angle we can see a weight distribution hitch, which as a general rule of thumb is needed when what you are towing starts to outweigh your vehicle’s weight by one-half. Tesla hasn’t of course released the final specs or weight for the Cybertruck, but if it were 8,000lbs, it could have been pulling 4,000lbs+.

Cybertruck Frunk

We have seen various images of the frunk from different distances and angles, and many times without the frunk liner, but the latest leak from Giga Texas gives us our best look yet. The photos were shared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, and as we expected the frunk is very wide, but not as deep as many were hoping.

One interesting detail from this is we can see a Cybertruck logo embossed in the frunk liner itself.

Cybertruck Interior

While we have seen several photos of the interior of the Cybertruck, a video was leaked over the weekend from someone sitting in the back seat during what appears to be a promotional shoot of some off-road testing.

Again coming to use from Old Spice on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, we can see this particular Cybertruck still has the rear screen that we have seen previously. Tesla is still in the production candidate release phase, so the final features may change, but with the launch of the Model 3 refresh last week, which also included a new rear screen, it is all but certain the Cybertruck will also feature one.

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